Aug 7, 2016

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Old-school MMO is set to make a return, thanks to steam Greenlight

An open world PvP faction and the faction of the original pioneers of community cohesion can GameNGame attempt to restart the dark to see the Garden of Eden restored by Valve’s Steam program as a green light. Information initial release early abandonment fantasy style in 1997, the Garden of Eden was the first dark fantasy MMORPG game typical elves and magic, replaced by a darker one vampire theme. This is many of today’s popular mechanism and function of RPG games, such as Diablo-style ARPG way large-scale operations and provide a defined level since hundreds of great depth development of the system of the founding fathers.

Eden is located in a dark gothic world of three factions fighting to control. Vampire, mage and expel the blood of the Bible, the key to survival Eslania virtual control over the countries of the European war.

If the Garden of Eden to give green light to dark steam players we can expect many of the most interesting elements of the game return, including the open world PvP faction VS camp, a strong and useful character development and more.

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Sep 23, 2015

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Team composition and weapon

“In Quel’Thalas,” came a smooth, cultured voice, “there are trees that tower over these in a glory of white bark and golden leaves, that all but sing in the evening breezes. I think you would enjoy seeing them someday.”

As long as each person has enough skills, any combination of the guardian can be successful, some combinations can be said to be better than others. This is particularly true when faced with a challenge, like the king of the fall of the fate of the raid: take the king. There are nine sub classes (every three levels), so the choice of a problem can sometimes be a problem, but we’ve narrowed down your portfolio.

A strong team building includes:

At least one full back, Titan (who never used it). In the three boss fight, the dawn of the ward is very useful. They can reduce the extra damage to the enemy (increase), and light up the blessing to help the team continue to live. Light weapons are also useful after the king’s fall.

The two night hunter is a good news for any good group of fire. The hunter’s new sub category is the perfect crowd control. Shadow shooting is the key to keeping the tribe managing and generating the precious ball of light. Smoke bombs are perfect for getting a bit of tension, and agility is usually given to hunters, which will prove to be useful in a more moving part of the raid.

When it comes to the wizards, if you have faith in the ability to live, I will go to the storm of the call of the storm. The sunsinger is still very useful for those opportunities, but not with the other two types of damage output. This also makes the welfare of the surrounding teammates, strengthen their own charging rate, so that it becomes a serious controller on the battlefield.

A sun shade is also useful for the team, because they have to burn the enemy’s shield and kill themselves and their allies more easily to work.

Once you have your team, you will want to pick up some weapons. Of course, you should always take your comfort, because it will help you when things are busy (they will). I suggest that with a higher firing rate and speed. In a very short time, you need to do a lot of damage, so anything is too slow to be proved to be a kind of damage. The sword is powerful, but it is useless to their own antelope, so make sure you plan to bring the Conan method to other parts of the RAID to bring back up heavy weapons.

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Sep 16, 2015

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Update: TRION WORLDS imply a new game?

Viryx and her closest followers were dead now, but they had represented all that was wrong in the world. High arakkoa obsessed with the light of the sun, lost to fanaticism.

Update: According to, by Darthem users may already understand the Trion being teased. Now, the connection is made by using their teaser site works Trion world simply do it, but this game is very dead. If correct, it looks like Tirion world, it can bring Devilian line to the west. Devilian online like a Diablo-style game MMO element thrown in, take a look at some of the game’s overseas YouTube videos, let us know what you think!

Not much here but according to Trion World “microblogging report, what is brewing in the dark. We do not have any confirmation, but a new site seems to set the stage for a new game or some type of new content updates.

The so-called “devil inside you” pages have dark demons and offer “in the shadows” Let devils dying light to guide our aircraft. ”

The new game? Free to play? Existing IP new content? Let the hype begin!

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Sep 16, 2015

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DC Universe Online ADDS shells, black LANTERNS

The high sage passed the Talon of Rukhmar to Viryx and then stepped back. She weighed the sacred artifact in her hands and looked about the room.

DC Universe Online’s monthly update, Episode 15, will continue to light the story of the war, but also introduced a cartridge case, DC alternative to its most popular woman hook versions, including Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and two of its Gul. Sleeves paradox in eight operations, players will travel through time and space, against Talia and prevent her from changing the results of World War II.

A duo of adventure, damage Zamaron, pits a pair of players against the central power battery black lantern inside Zamaron. This duo also introduced indigo indigo -1 tribe first in DCUO. Finally, a bunch of new styles will also be provided, and the player will be able to cross sectarian lines, its iconic style.

Like all DCUO Update, Episode 15 will be free for members, and purchased PC, PlayStation 3 and the game four pairs of non-members.

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Aug 26, 2015

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Noblegarden Cometh, And It’s Darkmoon Faire Time Again!

Dude! It’s April 1st, which means a lovely April Fools’ day gag from ye old Blizz. I’d love it if it were something WoW related, but I’d bet cheap wow gold they’re gonna take the opportunity to promote Overwatch or sumn. I’m writing this post a little early, so the gag’s not up yet. Buncha other folks have already released theirs so I’m surprised we haven’t got some troll patch notes or the like.

Anyway, that doesn’t mean this month isn’t chock-full of content after a slightly barren March. The Noblegarden Feast is up first, starting April 6th and ending April 13th. It’s a little weird that Horde folks are now taking part in this, but whatevs, more content, right? The PIG’s gonna be sure to find ALL those coins, candy, eggs and goodies… otherwise I’ll just look up a FAQ and get ‘em, what, it’s Easter? I got REAL bacon to chow down on, you dig?

Besides, I’m probably gonna be more invested in my favorite regular wow event, Darkmoon Faire. This month it runs from April 5th to 12th, so there’s some weird overlap with Noblegarden, but it’s not a big deal. Location as usual is Darkmoon Island, just outside Thunder Bluff and Stormwind.

If you’re savvy, you can get a whole heapin’ buncha rewards too. Blizzard’s promising a crayzee seventeen different battle pets, a few of which I don’t have yet. There’s the Darkmoon Tonk, Darkmoon Zeppelin, and Darkmoon Monkey. Two mounts are up for grabs too: Darkmoon Dancing Bear and Swift Forest Strider. Replica armor sets for all classes, but hey, you probably already have the Lightforge set for Paladins, right? There are also of course a TON of heirloom items and heirloom upgrades.

After that? Children’s Week, from April 27th all the way through May 4th. Some people don’t dig Children’s week, but they’re grumps. Yeah, the orphan model looks tres creepy, but the quests are fun, and heck it’s kinda cool that the Blizz acknowledges orphans and gets gamers to do something cool for ‘em, even if it is only virtual. I’m all for it. You can get started on the orphan quests by heading to the Orphan Matrons in Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Shattrath City or Dalaran. Do a good deed, get paid. Well, not paid, you get six achievements, the character title “Matron” or”Patron,” and up to10 different battle pets. Not bad for a day’s work, eh?

And that’s yer month of WoW. Of course there’s The Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza, which takes place all over Stranglethorn Vale, every Sunday from 2pm. Gotta be honest, the PIG prefers BACON, not fish. That’s yer lot for this week. I’m outtie 5-thou.


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Aug 26, 2015

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WoD: How to Make Gold with the Garrison Gem Boutique

Although you don’t need Jewelcrafting on a character to build a Gem Boutique in your Garrison, having this profession will allow you to make a few hundred gold daily, without too much of an effort. So, how to make gold with a Gem Boutique.

Gem Boutique – Alliance
First of all, to build a Gem Boutique, you will need the Gem Boutique, Level 1. This blueprint unlocks automatically when you level your Town Hall to level 2. However, you can still get the blueprints for the Level 1 Gem Boutique, if your Garrison is still level 1, by completing a quest. This quest is given by an object that should drop from various mobs in Draenor. It’s a Drained Crystal Fragment (Alliance) or an Intricate Crimson Pendant (Horde).
Now, to begin making gold with your Gem Boutique, you need to raise it to a level 2 Gem Boutique. Once you do that, you have to assign a follower with the Jewelcrafting trait to work in this building. Follower: Olin Umberhide (Horde) or Follower: Artificer Romuul (Alliance), are the two followers that have Jewelcrafting as base trait. You’ll get Olin by completing “Winds of Change“, and Romuul by completing the quest “Follower: Artificer Romuul“.
Jewelcrafting Payment – Daily Quest Reward
Once you have a follower assigned to your Gem Boutique, he will give you a daily quest, which requires you to craft an item or obtain certain materials, then turn them in for a Jewelcrafting Payment bag. This bag, contains 250-300g. Therefore, you will make about 250g per day, just by completing this quest, which shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes.
Of course, you will get various other materials from your Gem Boutique, which you can sell to the Auction House, such as Sorcerous Air, or Sorcerous Earth, or use them to craft and sell JC items.


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Aug 20, 2015

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Agent 47’s looking older in Games Hitman shots

The experience of visiting Games appears to have put a few years on Agent 47’s face, if these new images of Hitman are any indication. Either that or his penchant for disguises now extends to making himself look older.

Earlier Hitman videos had Agent 47 looking kind of smooth and almost cherubic, but now he looks like the rather more mature gentleman above.

As a reminder, here’s what he looked like during the E3 2015 trailers. A bit like Crystal Maze era Richard O’Brien.

hitman e3 2015
“It’s a skill game, and an automatic lock-in” – Agent O’Brien.
Maybe he appears as a different age depending upon which level you’re tackling. I don’t know.

Here are the rest of the Games Hitman images. They’re not exactly scintillating (unless you like seeing the back of Agent 47’s barcoded head, or him peaking around a wall,) but the shot of a guard being tossed off a building is quite nicely framed.


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